Thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about us. Sixty Four is a creative retouching and CGI studio specialising in producing seriously beautiful imagery for the advertising industry. We may have only officially launched in 2015, but that's because we were busy acquiring years of experience.
Along the way we have gained a wealth of knowledge about all things advertising. We get that the client still hasn't signed off on the creative. We get that nobody knew the image had to work for portrait & that dreaded 12x3 billboard. We get that the weather didn't really come to the party.... these are all things we deal with on a regular basis.
Anyway, enough about us ... around here it's all about you! 
Whether you are a Photographer, Agency Creative or Producer, it's our job to ensure that we make your job as simple as possible.  We do this by producing images that both you and your client are professionally proud of. Every job starts with a conversation so that we can understand just what it is that you require.  We are simultaneously professional and casual in that unique Kiwi kind of way!
So if you have images that need some love with a hand crafted colour grade, require a complex composite involving multiple shots, have some crazy idea that needs to be created from scratch using CGI, or all of the above...... then you had better get in touch.
Jason King - Owner/Director
Grandad was so proud when at age 16 Jason started his cabinet maker's apprenticeship. Shame it only lasted 3 months.... Luckily, it's not what you know, it's who you know and he was soon learning the ropes at PCL, NZ's leading professional photographic lab. Along with invaluable printing and colour knowledge, this is where the connection with Photoshop began.
In 1997 Jason co-founded NZ's original retouching studio 'The Lounge Ltd'.  By simply adding a headline to an image, or using the clone tool to remove a scratch, they were considered to be magicians. 
Over the past 25 years, he has worked with many of NZ's leading Photographers, Agencies & Producers and has built his reputation through delivering quality work, on time and on budget.
The introduction of CGI to the advertising print market was a natural evolution of the industry and one that Jason has embraced, working with some of the best CGI artists in the business over the past 12 years.
When not working, Jason will almost certainly be found dining out at The Depot, burning those recently acquired calories on his mountain bike, or listening to some very rare and very collectable U2 vinyl.
Scott Nadin - Senior CGI Artist/Retoucher
Being the son of a famous Art Director can’t be easy, I’ll bet Scott wishes he had a dollar or every time he’s been asked “What’s your Dad up to these days?” So with advertising in the blood, it’s not hard to see why he chose this particular career path. It was 1998 when he started in pre-press before moving to agency life in 2008. Scott has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both CGI & Retouching which is why he fits perfectly with the existing team at studio Sixty Four.
When not working, you’ll definitely find Scott smashing out some tunes on his acoustic guitar, sampling the latest hop loaded IPA or adjusting aperture and shutter speeds to get that perfect shot! Somehow all of this is done while still managing to be in the running for “NZ’s Dad / Husband of the year!"
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